Day of the Dead Festival for Children in Chicago 2017

As one more Day of the Dead: Festival for Children has gone by, many memories have flown in!

This unique event held in Chicago brought many families together to celebrate a wonderful tradition that’s engrained in the hearts of many cultures from all around the world. The beautiful thing is, all cultures rejoice differently. In the case of this event put on by Chicago Latina Moms, the beginning of November served as a time of remembrance and celebrating alongside the spirits of our departed loved ones, all through the many rituals that exist in Mexico today and have been alive for centuries. One of the main goals? To pass on this powerful tradition to our littles.

If success this year was measured by the number of smiles that were present, then it was spot on a magnificent success! There were more than 400 attendees and the spirit of this day was more alive than ever! I can reflect on this liveliness through the children that visited the many activity stations with a gleeful expression, the families who stopped by the altar to reminisce about their own loved ones, and amidst the background of sorrow that someone’s death causes the ambience and energy that brought a sense of joy.

From a personal standpoint, success for me was contained in a couple of essentials: the work of the amazing people that put this celebration together and the cheer reflected in my own children’s eyes.

Today, I am thankful for all the remarkable women of the Chicago Latina Moms board, their supportive partners, their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles, their friends, and most importantly, their children, for without them there would be no awe-inspiring element to make this event come alive.

And of course, I thank my own children and mother. After a lot of work, the beaming smiles of my children as they told me how much they enjoyed the festival comforted me and renewed my desire to continue to be part of such a grand community.

So the gist of it is: mission accomplished! It is through the power, dedication and work of communities that traditions stay alive.

Highlights:                                                              Date:
-Activities for children of all ages                           Sunday closest to the holiday Day of the Dead 
that encourage learning about the                            between October 30 and November 3rd
Day of the Dead and help honor our 
deceased loved ones including: 
creation of butterflies, crowns, 
El Catrin and la Catrina masks,                                 Location: every year varies 
coloring, papel picado.                                              (prior: Pilsen, Little Village)
-Face-painting for children 
as catrines and catrinas. 
-Beautiful altar in which to include                           Price range:       $2-$10
your own items to honor your loved ones. 
-Handmade Photobooth 
-Live Storytelling
-Live Mariachi Band
-Vendors (Day of the Dead coloring books, traditional 
Mexican crafts, etc..)

Look out for early bird pricing around October!


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